#TheGivingBackPack by Randridge Mall

When school finished for the year last week, my boys brought home what’s left of their stationery. Now, this was pretty much a first for us, and I noted it with interest because they never used to have anything left at the end of the year in the public school they’d previously attended. And I can tell you that the lists of stationery we were required to purchase and then send to school, from where none of it would ever return home, were extensive.

I know what a struggle it can be, after paying school fees and having to buy uniforms every year, to be able to buy all these stationery items, too.  And I can only imagine how much harder it is on the many, many families who somehow manage to survive on so much less than we have.

If you’d like to make things a little easier for such families and their children, Randridge Mall is making it easy for you with their #TheGiveBackPack campaign, which is running until 23 December.

Details as listed in their press release:

“#TheGivingBackPack – Give them a head start

Randridge Mall is giving back this festive season with #TheGivingBackPack. A back bag that will be donated to children in need, filled with all the stationery items necessary to give them an educational kick start for the 2019 school year. Randridge Mall will be running this initative until the 23rd of December 2018.

  • The lack of access to education in South Africa is a serious issue that the majority of our population face every day. Getting children into schools to learn the basic skills needed to make something out of themselves is not a possibility for most people, and those that are lucky enough to go to school cannot afford simple items such as pens, exam pads, hardcover books and more.
  • #TheGivingBackPack is Randridge Mall’s initiative to assist people with their education. The initiative aims to allow them to be able to take notes in classes, do their homework, and put in all the hard work needed to change their circumstances and better themselves. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

People will be able to buy all the items needed from Capmor Stationers located in Randridge Mall at a cost of just R543.00 alternatively you can buy any one item on the list below and make you contribution to giving back.

List of items needed: 4 x A4 72pg feint and margin books 2 x A4 192pg hardcover books 2 x Exam pads 1 x Ream of paper 3 x Glue sticks 1 x Bostik Clear Adhesive 4 x Ball point pens (blue) 1 x Clear sellotape 1 x Colour ballpoint pens (10 pack) 2 x erasers 1 x correction tape 4 x HB Pencils 1 x Pencil Crayons 1 x Fibre tips 1 x Sharp EL 231

1 x Fibre tips 1 x Sharp EL 231 1 x Ruler 1 x Scissors 13cm 1 x Pencil Sharpener 2 x Flip File 20 pockets 1 x A4 plastic sleeves (10 pack) 1 x A4 whiteboard 1 x Whiteboard duster 4 x Whiteboard markers 1 x Wax twisters 2 x Highlighters 1 x Pencil case 30cm Optional Extras: 1 x English Oxford dictionary 1 x Afrikaans dictionary

All items would need to be dropped off at #TheGivingBackPack collection stand outside Dischem Court in Randridge Mall.”

So if you’re looking for a worthy cause to give to this festive season, consider setting a child up to succeed in the new school year and purchasing one of these backpacks, or donating any of the items listed above. You might just be helping someone incredibly talented to reach his or her full potential.




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