When I was many years younger, I used to walk everywhere. Partly because it was how I burned all of my adolescent angst and partly because I was far too wild and irresponsible to spend my money on something like a car when I could use it to host parties at my flat instead.

I was the skinniest slip of a thing, with a shaved head and a bad attitude and not a care for anything beyond what adventure there was to be had next. And I would walk there, with my tiny (size 3) bare feet, as careless about callouses or the state of my toenails as I was about pretty much everything else.

It wasn’t until my heart was broken by someone somewhat older, who happened to have a bit of a fascination for pretty feet, that the state of my tootsies became a subject of interest to me. And then, for years, I hid my feet in closed shoes, come rain or shine, embarrassed that I had ever seen fit to expose them so brazenly to the world.

Today, I like to strut my stuff in a pair of strappy stilettos as much as the next girl, and thanks to new Betadine™ Emtrix™ Fungal Nail Solution, I get to do it without the slightest hint of concern that my toenails will be anything other than healthy and gorgeous!

If you’ve been hiding your trotters in shame, for fear that someone might notice the discolouration of your nails, or because your toesies aren’t looking as terrific as the rest of you, fear not.

Betadine Emtrix is clinically proven to improve the appearance of nails within just one week, and it’s the number one nail solution in the USA, Sweden and Taiwan. Within eight weeks, you’ll see improvement in nail thickening, discolouration, brittleness and softness.

Don’t let unsightly nails spoil your fun and stop your from stepping out in your sexiest summer sandals – treat your feet and get footloose with Emtrix instead!

Learn more about Betadine Emtrix, here.

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Disclaimer: I was given a Betadine™ Emtrix™ Fungal Nail Solution sample to try and to write about. 

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